[English Webinar] Mastering the Art of Weathering Protection

11 Aug, 2021

  • Online
  • Aug 26, 2021

Welcome to join us to know more about light stabilizers selections for construction sealants, and how to choose the appropriate equipment for weathering testing.


<< Again Craig Hazzard, Asia sales director from Altas is invited to give an inspiring speech >>
<< The Webinar will be in English and 3 langueages for interpretation: Thai,  Indonesian, Japanese & Korean >> 



The improvement of the weather resistance of polymer materials has always been an important key item for product development. But how can we improve weather resistance and also take into account the overall needs of other production processes? How to choose the appropriate testing situation to confirm that the developed formula can indeed pass the test of extreme weather? Let weathering protection experts help you answer!


"Prefabricated construction" has become popular in recent years due to its eco-friendly and high efficiency. Construction sealants used to combine the prefabricated parts have become the critical factor to the safety and waterproof performance of the entire building. Mr. Alan Peng from Everlight Chemical will share with us "More than Durability - Total Solutions for Construction Sealants", explaining that using proper light stabilizers not only effectively enhance the weathering resistance, but also improve the production efficiency that could result in strengthening product competitiveness!


Both Temperature and UV influence a wide range of polymer failure profiles including color change, cracking, gloss loss, deformation, and blistering. Once again we invited Mr. Craig Hazzard, Asia Sales Director of Atlas . He will show us Atlas’ investigation of the relationship between sunlight and temperature, how they work together to create specific sample surface temperatures, and how they influence acceleration both in nature and the laboratory for different material profiles.


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Weatherability Total Solution for Construction Sealants

26th August at a.m. 10:00 (GMT+7)








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