[Virtual Conference & Expo] Powering Our Sustainability Journey - Trends & Solutions for Green Coatings

15 Nov, 2021

  • Virtual Conference & Expo
  • Nov 18 - 19, 2021
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Coatings market and technical experts gathered to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the current market situation and future development direction!


How should the coatings industry respond to the China’s dual control of energy consumption and the soaring price of raw materials? Under the world trend of zero carbon emissions, what are the factors that affect the development of the coatings industry? How to keep up with the trend and develop green and sustainable products? In the increasingly severe and extreme climate, how to choose appropriate additives to enhance the durability of the product? How to choose the proper weathering test to speed up product launch?

On Nov. 18th-19th, join us online with industry experts to discuss about these trending topics, and discover more about how to enhance your polymer weatherability with smarter and greener solutions in our virtual show.

Join us ONLINE to power the sustainability journey together!


Everlight Chemical Virtual Show

Green Coatings Summit - Innovation & Sustainability

Nov 18th – Nov 19th, 2021       


Day 1:Nov 18th (Thursday) 

Chairman Yang has nearly 40 years of experience in the chemical industries' production, R&D, and business operations. He has worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences for eight years (1987-1995) and has a solid background in new material technology development. He used to work for the AkzoNobel Group for 18 years (1995-2012), managing the procurement of solvents and bulk raw materials for as many as 47 factories in Asia. 


With his long working history in the chemical industry, Chairman Yang is professional in business operation and specializes in coatings, plastics, rubber, new chemical materials, and other fields. He has published hundreds of articles in international and domestic first-level publications for 28 consecutive years. He has several invention patents and has won the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guangdong Provincial Research Award. 


As the current situation has been changing constantly and rapidly. Many factors such as the pandemic, the supply chain disruption, global logistics chaos, the dual control of energy consumption by China government, and the carbon neutrality target announced by each country, all the above have severely affected the development of the entire coatings industry. 


Based on his forty years of experience and observation in the chemical and coating industry, Chairman Yang will introduce "What's today and tomorrow for the coating industry?" With the soaring raw material cost and plenty of uncertainty, the current Chinese coatings industry is facing predicaments and challenges. What are the key influencing factors? What is the future trend? How should the coatings industry adjust development strategies to respond? Welcome to join our seminar to learn more!

Miles graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry of NCTU and has devoted himself to the polymer anti-aging area for more than 12 years. His profession focuses on the weatherability enhancement for different types of eco-friendly coatings, wood coatings, floor coatings, optical film, and adhesives. He has published ten technical papers in various related magazines and was frequently invited to present in major coating shows and conferences around whole Asia.


Waterborne technology has been the most critical technology among all the eco-friendly coating development for the past decades. Almost every country has strongly requested to transfer the traditional solvent-based coating into waterborne coatings to reduce the possible damage caused by VOC. Everlight Chemical has focused on the weatherability total solutions, especially for the waterborne system, for more than ten years and developed different performance products for various waterborne applications. 


In this speech, Miles will start with the introduction of our basic waterborne product series. Moreover, he will further present our latest development designed for various additional requirements for waterborne coatings such as label-free, heat resistant, waterborne UV-curing, and waterborne photo-initiators. Join us to understand the art of choosing suitable solutions for different waterborne applications and enhancing durability without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Dr. James Li has expertise in materials science with 9-year experience in academia. He has published 24 SCI international papers, 17 of them as 1st author. His product development experience includes graphite, activated carbons, carbon blacks and other carbon materials (CNT/Graphene) applying to Li ion batteries, EDLC supercapacitors, ink/coating, plastics coloring, tire/rubber reinforcement, etc.. Currently, Dr. Li serves as the senior deputy manager of R&D Center in Continental Carbon Asia.


Rising environmental awareness has encouraged the Ink & Coating industry to switch from solvent based to water based products. To assist the Ink & Coating customers navigating through this transition period, Continental Carbon has developed the new product - “the surface-polarity adjustable” carbon black! We offer custom solutions to accommodate your needs, including insulating or conductive applications,the special carbon black could efficiently be dispersed among various types of resins, and bring ultimate coloring even under different polarity conditions. Continental Carbon’s innovative special carbon black will help your company to reduce the VOCs emissions and minimize the impacts to the environment.

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Day 2:Nov 19th (Friday) 

Dr. Huang joined the Industrial Technology Research Institute and has devoted himself to synthetic resins and functional coatings technology research for more than 17 years. His specialization is in various synthetic resin technologies, functional coatings, and environmental protection coating technologies. He has published six technical papers in international magazines and has been awarded the Annual Invention Award and Outstanding Research Award by ITRI many times.


More than 60 countries aimed to reduce carbon emission to net-zero by 2050. Low carbon emission coatings have become one of the most critical trends in the world. In this lecture, Dr. Huang will firstly explain the carbon footprint calculation principles and methodology. Also, he will introduce how the multinational resin and coating companies plan to develop sustainable and low carbon footprint new products to match the net-zero target. Furthermore, Dr. Huang will introduce the new era of low carbon footprint resin based on bio-based monomers.

Gigi has joined Everlight Chemical and is devoted to polymer anti-aging and weatherability technology for more than 18 years. He is professional in using the design of experiment (DOE) techniques and coordinating customers' needs to develop high-performance light stabilizers, Such as Eversorb® AQ series designed for waterborne coatings, Eversorb® UR series designed for UR-curing coatings, Eversorb® SB series designed for lignin protection, Eversorb® EP series designed for Epoxy resins, and many other Everlight's performance products. 


Mr. Yang has been frequently invited to give lectures at international coating conferences and has published more than 50 technical articles. He was awarded the Industry Innovation Award by Taiwan Chemical Industry Association in 2018, the Industry Excellence Award, and the Contribution Award for Waterborne Technology in 2019 by the China Coating Industry Association.


Functional coatings refer to coating products that have some special functions in addition to their protective effects. In this speech, Mr. Yang will introduce the weatherability total solutions for some of the most popular functional coatings in the industry. Topics will cover successful stories applied for the high-end floors and engineering coatings with polyaspartic resin, the pearlescent paints used for automotive and home appliances, the special insulation coatings developed for energy saving and carbon reduction, and the popular self-healing coatings. Mr. Yang will explain in detail how to choose appropriate light stabilizers to help functional coatings strengthen weather resistance, extend service life, and effectively enhance overall added value.

Craig has served in technical sales and management roles with Atlas for 20 years. Early in his career he focused on the pharmaceutical industry, and how full spectrum light could be used to quickly and reliably study the photostability of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Today Craig and the Atlas technical team work closely with East Asia automotive OEMs on the development of weathering cycles that improve correlation and reduce time to market. 


Accelerated artificial weathering testing of coatings is necessitated by lengthy times required for outdoor real-time testing. To date, many inconsistencies remain between laboratory and end-use aging profiles of coatings. Several OEMs, materials suppliers, and testing laboratories came together to evaluate a range of laboratory test devices for correlation to Florida real-time weathering. Their research resulted in the development of technological innovations that improve correlation and increase the ability to further accelerate laboratory tests. In this presentation attendees will gain insights into why some laboratory tests don’t correlate with nature, and how to select technology that improves results and increases confidence in material development decisions.




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