[Virtual Conference & Expo] Powering Our Sustainability Journey - Trends and Solutions for Polymers!

14 Sep, 2022

  • Virtual Conference & Expo
  • Sep 20 - Oct 14, 2022
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On Sep. 21-22, join us online with experts to discuss trending topics of polymers, and discover about how to enhance polymer weatherability with smarter and greener solutions in our virtual show.


The world is in the era of energy transformation, and many energy-saving technologies are flourishing, such as electric vehicles, IoT and smart appliances. Plastic polymers and composites have become a popular material due to the excellent chemical stability and processability. However, as environmental awareness grows, the demand for weatherability and sustainability of plastic polymers is also increasing.


Everlight Chemical has been working on weatherability solutions and fulfills the mission of a green chemical manufacturer. On Sep. 21 & 22, we invited the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and many experts, together with Everlight's technical team, to hold the virtual conference to share the trend and weatherabiity solutions for polymers. Moreover, in our virtual expo, we will present the latest environmental-friendly solutions for polymers


Welcome to join us online to explore the sustainability journey!



Trends and Solutions for Polymers Online Forum 

Sep. 21 & 22

Environmental-friendly Solutions for Polymers Virtual Show

Sep. 20 – Oct. 14 


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