[Virtual Conference] Powering Our Sustainability Journey - Trends and Solutions for Polymers! Session2

16 Sep, 2022

  • Virtual Conference & Expo
  • Sep 22, 2022
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On Sep. 21-22, join us online with experts to discuss trending topics of polymers, and discover about how to enhance polymer weatherability with smarter and greener solutions in our virtual show.



Trends and Solutions for Polymers Online Forum 

Sep. 22 PM3:00

15:00 Eco-friendly, green, energy-saving - application of special functional masterbatch

Ken Yen - Manager, Specialty Chem. Tech. Div.

Mr. Ken Yen has been in Specialty Chemicals BU for more than 20 years, specializing in the development of light stabilizers for the plastic, construction, optoelectronic and cosmetic industries.  In this presentation, Mr. Yen will focus on the application of functional masterbatches–high gloss spray-free black masterbatch and IR barrier masterbatch, which can effectively achieve the goal of eco-friendly and energy saving.



Weathering Solutions for Coatings on Carbon Fiber Composites

Tiffany Lai - Supervisor, Specialty Chem. Tech. Div.

Ms. Tiffany Lai is working in the Special Chemical Technology Division of Everlight Chemical and specializes in the research of weatherability of coatings and inks. In this webinar, Ms. Lai will introduce the weathering resistance solutions especially designed for coatings on carbon fiber composites, which could effectively solve the deterioration problem and improve the long-term weathering stability!



15:30 Eco-Friendly Elastomer TPU - Solutions for Coloring and Additional Features

Dragon Chuang - R & D Engineer

Mr. Chuang has committed to polymer research or functional concept development and rationalization of processing cases. In response to the trend of environmental protection, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is regarded as the best choice to replace PVC and solvent-based PU. Mr. Chuang will address the need for Coloring or attaching special features on the TPU and how it can achieve the purpose of low pollution, low loss, stable quality and convenient use.



16:00 Carbon Black Solution for Environmental Friendly and Energy-saving Plastics

Chun-Hung Chen - Senior Engineer, Asia Pacific R&D Center

Mr. Chun-Hung Chen has expertise in polymer material synthesis, processing and formulation design. with over 16-year working experience in plastic industry. In this webinar, Mr. Chen will introduce the SATIN BLACK series developed by Continental Carbon, which can help plastic product manufacturers improve processing efficiency and optimize product performance, achieve the goal of eco-friendly and waste reduction.



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