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16 Sep, 2022

  • Virtual Conference & Expo
  • Sep 21, 2022
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On Sep. 21-22, join us online with experts to discuss trending topics of polymers, and discover about how to enhance polymer weatherability with smarter and greener solutions in our virtual show.



Trends and Solutions for Polymers Online Forum 

Sep. 21 PM3:00

15:00 From Waste Plastic to Specialty Chemicals

Dr. Wilson Tang - Manager

Dr. Tang joined ITRI to focus on polymer, nanomaterials and functional resin coatings for 14 years. In this webinar, Dr. Tang will introduce the technology of making specialty chemicals from the waste plastics. Especially, he will focus on the chemical recycle process of post-consumer PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle and pre-consumer PU (polyurethane) foam materials. 

15:30 Sustainability, Waste Reduction and Re-evolution - Application of New Light Stabilizers in Energy-Saving Plastics

Paul Chu - Supervisor, Tehcnical Division, Specialty Chemical BU

Mr. Paul Chu has joined Everlight Chemical for more than 10 years to conduct anti-aging and weatherability research on polymers. In this  presentation, Mr. Chu will focus on the weatherability total solution for white PVC and PA material, which can effectively solve the problem of deterioration and achieve excellent weatherability.

16:00 New Generation Functional PA - Application in Textile and Automobile

Vincent Wu - Composite Material Department   Manager


Mr. Vincent Wu has more than 25 years of experience in composite material development. In this webinar, Mr. Wu will introduce the plastic masterbatches that are both functional and recyclable.

and will also introduce the new application of adding weather-resistant graphene to nylon pellets, which can be used in the textile and automotive industries.



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