[English Webinar] Double “E” Solution for Architectural Coatings - Eco-friendly & Effectively

12 May, 2022

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  • May 18, 2022
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Welcome to join us to know more about anti-aging solutions for architectural coatings, and the latest information for new non-ionic synthetic associative thickeners (NiSATs).


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Architectural coatings have moved toward waterborne and eco-friendly in response to the increasing environmental standards and health consciousness. Various environmental factors, such as UV, high temperature, and humidity, can cause damage to coatings, causing discoloration, fading, chalking, and other deterioration. Therefore, how to improve the performance of waterborne and eco-friendly coatings is one of the most concerning issues in the architectural coating industry.

In the first session, technical supervisor Ms. Tiffany Lai from Everlight Chemical will explain the deterioration of construction coatings and Everlight Chemical's weatherability solutions for different systems in acrylic, alkyd and epoxy. In addition, she will share the latest green building applications, such as technical wood, and how to enhance its weatherability and stability.


Rheology modifiers, which can effectively enhance appearance and performance, are crucial additives for coatings. In the second session, we invited Mr. Chee Hon Lew, Elementis' Regional Technical Sales Manager, to discuss the new non-ionic synthetic associative thickeners (NiSATs), which not only boost higher efficiency but are also more sustainable and give lower environmental impact. Mr. Lew will also introduce the use of fine particle size talc to partially replace TiO2 and achieve cost savings.


Welcome to join us for a full range of architectural coating solutions!









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