[Webinar] Total Solutions for PU

4 Oct, 2021

  • Online
  • Oct 21, 2021

Welcome to join us to know more about smart coloring and anti-aging solutions for PU, and how to take into account environmental protection and production efficiency at the same time.


<< MUST See! Mr. Zheng Zhu from Evonik is invited to give an inspiring speech >>
<< The Webinar will be in Chinese and the interpretation languages are English and Vietnamese >> 



Polyurethanes are one of the most versatile materials. The combination of high performance coupled with processing versatility provides polyurethanes an impressive range of performance characteristics, resulting in spectacular growth and a wide variety of applications, like coatings, adhesives, elastomers, ink, foams and synthetic leather. Therefore, how to take into account environmental protection and production efficiency at the same time is always a highly concern in the PU industry.


To achieve eco-friendly coloring without sacrificing brightness and fastness, our technical engineerMr. Ruiyu Roa would introduce how Evertint, the DMF-free polymeric reactive colorant, could help PU materials enjoy smart coloring. In addition, PU/TPU is often getting discolored and yellowing due to UV light, heat or NOx during processing. Mr. Rao would also explain how to choose the proper combination of anti-aging additives to help PU materials to enhance the weatherability and extend the product shelf life!


Waterborne PU synthetic leather is a completely DMF-free and eco-friendly product in the synthetic leather market. In the second speech, we invite the Marketing and NBD Manager of Evonik, Mr. Zheng Zhuto talk about Ortegol® P series -PUD foaming agent, and Evonik’s advanced additive total solution for waterborne PU synthetic leather. He would further explain how Evonik innovative additive total solutions would help waterborne PU leather to achieve high quality, large-scale production.


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Total Solutions for Polyurethane

Oct. 21st, 10AM (GMT+7)








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