Eversorb Weatherability Solution for Artificial Veneer — Preserving the Beauty of Wood Furniture

10 May, 2024

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Everlight Chemical's Eversorb® Weatherability Solution for Artificial Dyed Veneer: Double Protection for Enhanced Durability

Eversorb® weatherability solution for artificial dyed veneer

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Embrace the warmth of wood in your home


In recent years, minimalist and cozy interior design styles have gained immense popularity, particularly Nordic and Japanese styles. These styles emphasize soft colors, ample natural light, and a sense of openness, creating a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere. Wood flooring and furniture are widely used in these spaces, adding a touch of warmth and natural elegance.


To meet the growing demand for wood products, "artificial dyed veneer" (also known as "engineered wood" or “decorative plywood”) has been developed. This innovative material mimics the natural appearance of real wood and allows for customization of colors and gloss to suit individual preferences. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, engineered veneer is more waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean than natural wood. Consequently, it has become a popular choice for wooden furniture and décor, emerging as a leading material in the construction and home décor industries. Moreover, artificial veneer enhances the longevity and sustainability of wood products, aligning with the current trend towards eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness. As a result, the demand for engineered wood is expected to continue growing steadily.



The challenge of fading and discoloration in engineered veneer


Despite its improved durability, engineered veneer's coatings can still fade and discolor over time when exposed to sunlight, especially in popular red and gray wood veneers. This fading and discoloration caused by UV light can quickly diminish the aesthetic appeal of expensive décor. Consumers are frustrated and disappointed when their décor fades or discolors within a few years, and manufacturers are often overwhelmed by customer complaints. Therefore, both consumers and veneer manufacturers have turned to Everlight Chemical for effective solutions to address the deterioration and discoloration issues faced by engineered veneer.


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Eversorb® SB + AQ: a synergistic approach for enhanced weathering protection


To help consumers and manufacturers address the long-standing problem of color fading in engineered wood products, Everlight Chemical has successfully developed the Eversorb® AQ Series light stabilizers, the most suitable product for wood coatings. In addition, pre-treatment with Eversorb® SB1 wood lignin protector can further enhance the performance of engineered wood products. Moreover, there is no restriction on the pre-treatment coating method, such as spraying, dipping or brushing, which is not only convenient to process but also can significantly prevent dyed wood veneer from fading and yellowing!


As shown in the figure below, dissolve Eversorb® SB1 in isopropanol (IPA) to form a 10% solution and spray it evenly on the dyed wood veneer. After letting it air dry for 1 hour, apply a transparent waterborne coating containing 2% Eversorb® AQ6 or AQ11 to the dyed wood veneer, and the film thickness is about 25μm.


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Next, the accelerated weathering aging test is carried out according to the QUV-340nm standard. After 168 hours of full light exposure, it can be clearly seen that the test piece with only general water-based coating has serious discoloration, which is far from the original color; while the test pieces with Eversorb® SB1 and Eversorb® AQ can maintain the same wood color as before the weathering test! The above experiments prove that Eversorb® products can effectively improve the weatherability performance of engineered wood, so that it can perfectly maintain its color and beauty under long-term UV exposure, making wooden furniture products more durable.


Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future




Everlight Chemical's latest developed artificial veneer best weatherability solution - Eversorb® SB1 + Eversorb® AQ, double protection that can significantly improve the weather resistance performance of engineered wood, making wooden furniture and decorations more beautiful and durable, improving the quality of home life, and also extending the service life of products to contribute to sustainable environmental protection. Everlight Chemical is committed to providing high-quality chemicals and services, using innovation to bring a better and more convenient life to mankind! Please feel free to contact us for any product inquiries or project collaboration.



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