How to Protect Colors in UV Curing

3 Jan, 2017

Author : Yung-Chi Yang, Ming-Hua Lai, Yu-Shu Sung, Yin-Ting Lai, Chung-Han Lu, Hsiao-Fang Chiu, Chih-Hsien Chein, Steven Le and Dr Yao-Hsing Huang

The challenges of waterborne UV curable coatings have two aspects. One is discoloration, which may occur when resins are exposed to UV light from sunlight; the other is yellowing during the curing process.

Everlight Chemical develops a novel light stabilizer to protect resins from discoloration and yellowing during UV curing process.


For further benefits and details, you can contact our sales representatives or find the technical article "The Benefits of Light Stabilisers during the Curing Process " published in Asia Pacific Caotings Journal (APCJ) issued in Dec. 2016.


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