Everlight Chemical Won "Industry Excellence Award"

3 Dec, 2019

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

China《Paints and Coatings Industry》Magazine held its 60th-anniversary event in Shanghai on Nov 19th. During this grand event, our technical manager of Everlight Chemical Specialty Chemical Business Unit, Dr. Yung-Chi Yang, was awarded the "Industry Excellence Award" by the committee of China Paint and Coating Industry.  


cn-pci 60 anniversary ceremony


The award not only gives recognition of talent cultivation in the company but also shows the importance of Everlight Chemical in the Coating Industry. We strive to serve the industry by high performance UV absorbers and Light Stabilizers. Moreover, be with our customers, provide professional total solutions to solve the coating weathering and yellowing issue.


Industry Excellence Award


“Thanks to the Paint and Coating Magazine for recognizing me as the "Industry Excellence Award", this honor belongs to all the team members for backing me up. ” said Yung-Chi Yang. “Everlight Chemical will keep going, listen to the need of market and solve customers’ problems with our professional weathering solutions for the coating industry.”


Everlight Chemical Won the Industry Excellence Award of Paint and Coating industry


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