Effective UV Stabilization for Hybrid Polymer Sealants

10 Feb, 2017

Author : Ching-Yu Lin, K.C. Peng, Chein Chih-Hsien and Dr. Yao-Hsing Huang

New technical article, 「Effective UV Stabilization for Hybrid Polymer Sealants」, is available on Coatings World.

Everlight Chemical Offers Effective Stabilization for Hybrid Polymer Sealants


Hybrid polymer, especially Silyl-modified polyether (known as STPE polymers) and silyl-modified polyurethanes (known as SPUR polymers) are the modern hybrid sealants (SMP) which can be used in a wide ranges of applications, such as construction and transportation. Combining the strength of polyether and polyurethanes with the weathering resistance of silicones make these hybrid sealant high performance. But these hybrid sealants also show some disadvantages, for examples: yellowing, chalking, cracking, after exposing under sunlight in outdoors or high temperature conditions after several months.


Everlight Chemical Industrial Corp. has a solution to improve the weatherability of SMP sealants by adding Eversorb. HP. Eversorb HP can be used to reduce polymer degradation such as yellowing, cracking, losing mechanical and elastic properties. According to the company, Eversorb HP is a high performance UV stabilizer providing long-term UV protection for STPE polymers, especially those high performance sealants for construction, automotive and other outdoor applications. Unlike other powder additives, its liquid form can homogeneously incorporate in resin system which means you won’t need any heat up process for incorporation and the migration issue is little concerned.

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