Coating Repair is Costly, Sustainability is a Better Choice!-Eversorb AQ Series

21 Dec, 2023

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Eversorb® AQ Series light stabilizer is an effective solution to enhance the weatherability of waterborne coatings and achieve a sustainable future.

Eversorb AQ Series Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coatings



Large-scale construction projects are prone to deterioration after exposure to sunlight, and the cost of repair is high


Waterborne coatings, which use water instead of organic solvents as the dispersing medium, are non-toxic and odorless, and significantly reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Therefore, waterborne coatings are a key focus of the coating industry today.


However, waterborne coatings are prone to cracking, chalking, and yellowing after prolonged exposure to UV light, especially large objects such as bridges, machinery, and vehicles. The maintenance, repair, and repainting of these large objects can be time-consuming and expensive. If cracks lead to damage to buildings and facilities, it not only affects their appearance and performance, but it can also cause a safety hazard if the coatings peels off. Therefore, how to improve the service life of coatings, reduce subsequent maintenance and repair, and save resources, is the most concerned issue in the coating industry.


Eversorb AQ Series Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coatings


Eversorb® AQ Series - effective solution to waterborne resin degradation


Although waterborne coatings can be added with stabilizers to slow down degradation, traditional stabilizers are usually oil-soluble molecules. After adding to waterborne coatings, they will cause sedimentation, precipitation, or even the entire barrel of coating cannot be sprayed due to oil and water incompatibility.


Everlight Chemical has been working on weathering and aging resistance for over 25 years, and has developed the Eversorb® AQ Series light stabilizers specifically designed for waterborne coatings. It can effectively slow down the yellowing, chalking, color change/fading, cracking, peeling, and gloss loss of waterborne coatings. It effectively improves the durability of waterborne coatings, extending the product life and saving unnecessary high maintenance costs.


The following is an artificial accelerated weathering test of white acrylic waterborne coatings according to ASTM G154-2 (QUV 313 nm). It can be observed that the yellowing index (ΔYI) of waterborne coatings without stabilizers continues to increase. After about 500 hours of exposure, ΔYI exceeds 0.5. The ΔYI of waterborne coatings with Eversorb® AQ is effectively slowed down. After 500 hours of exposure, ΔYI is only 0.2, and it takes about 2000 hours of exposure for ΔYI to reach 0.5. In addition, the gloss of waterborne coatings without light stabilizers rapidly decreases after 1000 hours of exposure, and loses all gloss after 2000 hours. The waterborne coatings with Eversorb® AQ can still maintain about 95% gloss after 2000 hours of exposure. Therefore, it can be concluded from the above tests that Eversorb® AQ can effectively slow down coating degradation and yellowing, maintain color and gloss, and extend product life.


Eversorb AQ Series Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coatings


Innovative advantages of Eversorb® AQ Series, giving you more possibilities


Eversorb® AQ can be widely used in various waterborne systems, such as clear coat and color coat. Compared with other products, Eversorb® AQ has the following innovative advantages:


  1. 100% compatible with waterborne resins: Designed with a special dispersion technology, Eversorb® AQ can quickly be compatible with all types of waterborne coatings. It can be mixed evenly without the need for additional solvents or pre-treatment.
  2. Active content of up to 90%: Eversorb® AQ is the only waterborne coating-specific light stabilizer on the market with an active ingredient content of up to 90%, which is 3-4 times higher than other brands. It only needs to be added in small amounts to have a significant effect, which can reduce shipping costs, storage space, and labor costs.
  3. Will not freeze at low temperatures: Eversorb® AQ does not contain water, so it does not need to be added with bactericides, antifreezes, or other solvents, and can be used safely in high-latitude regions.
  4. Excellent processing flexibility: Eversorb® AQ can be added at different processing stages, and can be matched according to different application needs, keeping the operational flexibility in each stage of research and processing.


Eversorb AQ Series Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coatings


Not only weather-resistant, but also more environmentally friendly!


VOCs are mainly generated from industries, vehicle exhaust, and the evaporation of coatings after spraying. According to the World Health Organization and environmental pollution control regulations issued by various countries, there are clear definitions and requirements, and the standards are becoming stricter. It is an environmental indicator that is highly concerned by the whole world.


Everlight Chemical has been involved in carbon reduction and sustainable development for a long time. Eversorb® AQ, in addition to being free of solvents and harmful VOCs, also helps customers to reduce VOC emissions. Traditional solvent-born coatings contain about 60% solvents, and each ton of coating produces about 0.6 tons of VOC. If waterborne coatings are used to replace solvent-borne coatings, VOC emissions can be reduced.


Eversorb AQ Series Light Stabilizer for Waterborne Coatings



Eversorb® AQ Series light stabilizer not only highly enhance the weatherability of waterborne coating, but also can achieve a sustainable future. It has recently won the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award! Please contact us for any product inquiries or project collaboration.



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