Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future

25 Jan, 2024

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Everlight Chemical has launched Eversorb® light stabilizers, which effectively solve the aging and deterioration of polymers with stable quality and comprehensive product lines.

Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future

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The growing awareness of environmental sustainability is driving the automotive industry to undergo a once-in-a-century transformation. The concepts of smart electric vehicles and innovative manufacturing is leading the growth of the supply chain.


Major car manufacturers around the world are committed to developing electric vehicles. According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), global electric vehicle sales have grown rapidly and now account for nearly 20% of the automotive market. Although hybrid electric vehicles still dominate the market, oil vehicle sales have declined for five years, and electric vehicle sales are expected to continue to grow in the next few years.


In addition, the development of electric and lightweight vehicles, as well as the global trend of reducing carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels, are driving car manufacturers to develop in a sustainable, low-carbon, and electrified direction. To achieve carbon neutrality, car manufacturers need to consider the entire life cycle of components. They also need to use components with high weather resistance and recyclability. In addition, car manufacturers need to plan supporting measures such as self-healing car film and charging piles to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.



Eversorb®  enhances the weatherability of automotive vehicles and components


Whether it is the color or clear coat of automotive, or different application materials such as headlights, bumpers, and interior and exterior trim, outdoor exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, and occasional damage from gravel and bird droppings can cause fading, gloss loss, and peeling, affecting the appearance and even driving safety.


Everlight Chemical, a specialist in weatherability and anti-aging, has launched Eversorb® high performance light stabilizers which effectively solve the aging and deterioration of polymers after exposure to light. With just a small amount of addition, the weatherability can be enhanced and the product life can be extended. More importantly, Everlight Chemical has passed the ISO TS16949 automotive professional certification, with stable quality and comprehensive product lines, so that all products can be safely used in the field of automotive polymers.


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Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future



Eversorb® SH Series - a total solution for self-healing coatings


The development of the automotive industry is driving demand for self-healing coatings (Paint Protection Film, PPF). They do not require additional repair materials or processing, effectively enhancing material performance and safety, reducing maintenance requirements, and being environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


However, self-healing coatings can discolor and degrade after exposure to high temperatures and UV light. Therefore, Everlight Chemical has launched Eversorb® SH Series light stabilizers specifically for self-healing coatings. Eversorb® SH Series can not only shorten the recovery time required of self-healing coatings after scratches, but also improve their weatherability and heat resistance, preventing deterioration caused by weather and high temperatures, and significantly extending the their service life.


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Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future


Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future


Eversorb® AQ Series – effective & sustainable solution to waterborne coatings


In recent years, waterborne automotive interior coatings have been replacing solvent-based coatings to prevent the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since the interior of a car is exposed to high temperature for a long time, and the driver and passengers breathe in a confined space, various regulations need to be more thorough, such as chemical spillage, odor, fogging and other tests have restrictions. On the other hand, waterborne polyurethanes for leather trim, seats, steering wheels and other leather products need to take into account the quality, feel, air permeability and abrasion resistance.


Generally, textile leather requires 168 hours of weathering resistance, and then after that, deterioration problems such as discoloration and cracking will easily occur. However, the automotive industry has higher requirements for weathering resistance. Not only does the testing time need to reach thousands of hours, but the coating thickness must be less than 10 μm. This further increases the difficulty of waterborne coating technology.


Everlight Chemical has launched the Eversorb® AQ Series light stabilizers for waterborne coatings. Eversorb® AQ8 is a product developed in collaboration with a major automotive interior coating manufacturer. It is particularly suitable for thinner coatings, stricter test conditions, and longer weathering aging standards (such as 1,000 hours of xenon lamp exposure). In addition, Eversorb® AQ8 is a non-hazardous chemical substance which can be used safely and securely, and it can reduce the environmental impact and damage of chemicals, in line with the goal of sustainable development.


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Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future

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Eversorb® HP Series - improving adhesive and sealant performance

To ensure that different materials on a vehicle are tightly bonded, various types of performance adhesives have been developed, such as automotive component adhesives, structural adhesives, and sealants. To meet the material properties requirements for each applications, adhesives and sealants are often combined with various resins to form modified structures. The most common types of hybrid polymer silicone-modified resins are STPE (silicone-terminated polyether) and SPU (modified polyurethane).

However, adhesives and sealants are also prone to adhesion loss, loss of mechanical properties and elasticity, and cracking after prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is because UV light can break down the chemical bonds of polymeric materials, leading to the degradation. However, general light stabilizers can inhibit the damage caused by UV light, they can also lead to the precipitation and powdering of silicone-modified resins.

Everlight Chemical has launched the Eversorb® HP Series light stabilizers for silicone-modified resin adhesives and sealants. Eversorb® HP Series use a unique formulation design that can effectively inhibit UV damage while also ensuring the stability of silicone-modified resins. As shown in the figure below, according to ASTM G154-1 standards, the blank group without UV stabilizers has already delaminated and cracked after 3,000 hours, while the sealant with Eversorb® HP6 can still maintain good appearance and properties after 5,000 hours of testing, with no peeling or powdering degradation.

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Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future



Eversorb® PA3 - strengthening the structure performance of polyamide

Polyamide (PA), also known as nylon, is a semi-crystalline engineering plastic with excellent properties such as strength, stiffness, heat resistance, and wear resistance. It is widely used in automotive & components, and electrical appliances, and aerospace parts. With the development of electric vehicles (EVs), the application of PA in EV-related equipment (such as charging stations) is becoming increasingly common.

EV charging stations are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time outdoors, making them prone to yellowing, gloss loss, powdering, and cracking. Therefore, how to improve the appearance, performance, and safety of PA products, such as yellowing, gloss, powdering, cracking, and material properties, is a major concern for the EV industry.

Everlight Chemical has launched Eversorb® PA3 light stabilizers for PA materials. It can effectively improve the aging resistance of PA polymers and prevent fading and loss of gloss. As shown in the figure below, according to ASTM G154-1 standards, after 1,000 hours of weathering testing, the blank group without light stabilizers had serious color difference and loss of gloss. However, the sample with Eversorb® PA3 can maintain good color and gloss, still looking brand new. In addition, the material properties can also keep up to 98% of the tensile elongation, making PA materials perfectly retain their structure performance.

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Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future


Eversorb Enable the Automotive Industry to Move Toward a Sustainable Future



With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety, as well as innovations in materials, design and automated driving technology, the automotive industry is gradually developing in the direction of sustainability, low carbon and electrification. Everlight Chemical, a weatherability expert, continues to keep up with the latest market trends and introduces suitable anti-aging additives for various materials in the automotive industry, providing a full range of weathering solutions, significantly extending product life and protecting the aesthetics and safety of automobiles. Please feel free to contact us for any product inquiries or project collaboration.



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