Eversorb UV Stabilizers Enhance Durability of Construction Sealants

12 Sep, 2019

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Eversorb UV stabilizers protect construction sealants from UV light, prevent yellowing, cracking, adhesion loss, and extend the durability.

Sealants in Our Daily Lives

Sealant owns various functions such as joint, waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof; therefore it is widely applied in different parts of a building, such as doors, windows, exterior walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and stairs. Compared to traditional resin, the hybrid polymer provides several advantages, including non-toxic, odorless, fast curing speed, and excellent adhesion, which makes it a growing trend to use hybrid polymer as the base resin for construction sealants.


Construction Sealants in Our Daily Lives


Cracking, Yellowing, Adhesion Loss Lead to Dangerous Buildings

However, after exposure to UV light and extreme temperature and humidity conditions, degradation occurs and leads to various physical property damages, such as yellowing, discoloration, chalking, and cracking. For the worst, it would result in delamination or loss of adhesion. These problems will then cause unwanted leakages of water or air; furthermore, the window glass or other parts might fall due to loss of adhesion!


Degradation of Construction Sealants


Eversorb Protects Your Home with You

Everlight Chemicals now offers Eversorb® HP Series, a new weatherability solution specially developed for hybrid polymer sealants. Additionally, to fulfill different requirements from various sealant types used in diverse applications, we have expanded the series to five different Eversorb® HP products. Each product, with its unique features suitable for crystal clear, light-colored, or dark-colored type sealants, provides an excellent UV shield, prevents physical damages, and enhances the durability. 


Eversorb HP Series Protects Your Home with You


Liquid Performance Products with Great Processability

All five items in Eversorb® HP Series are liquid type performance products with excellent processability and compatibility to hybrid polymer resins. Each UV stabilizers could also mix with others to form your tailor-made combinations. See which one meets your needs!


 Eversorb® HP1

Superior weatherability and durability, recommended for outdoor weather under long-term UV exposure


Eversorb® HP2


No impact on initial colors of resins


Eversorb® HP3


Additional heat protection, specially for high-temperature environment

Eversorb® HP4

Economy Product with great physical properties protection 

 Eversorb® HP5

Label-free and no hazardous substance, more eco-friendly 


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