The Dreamlike Tactile Black You Want Is Here! High-gloss Spray-free Black Masterbatch

18 Jun, 2021

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Innovative quality and eco-friendly material —high-gloss spray-free black masterbatch


Plastic polymer materials often require extra spraying operations to achieve the objectives of an attractive appearance, isolation, protection and so forth. But this additional spraying process may bring with it pollution or harm your health. In recent years, the industry has developed a “high-gloss spray-free masterbatch” technology that does away with the need for secondary spraying operations, saves costs and reduces pollution. This is the industry's new choice of environmentally friendly material!


Plastic polymer materials are convenient and attractive, but bringing about environmental and health problems


Plastic polymer materials have now become indispensable embellishments in our daily lives. After surface spraying, they provide beautiful colors and textures for automobiles and 3C home appliances. This thin layer of coating provides multi-functional protection, which includes isolation from moisture and high temperatures, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet functions, weather resistance and so on, thereby extending the life of the plastic parts we use.


However, in addition to the cumbersome and complex spraying process, they also have a huge impact on environmental pollution and human health. This is because during the spraying and drying process, VOCs (volatile organic substances) such as toluene and formaldehyde are activated. When these harmful chemicals reach certain concentrations, we suffer headaches, nausea, vomiting and other such symptoms. These substances are even able to damage the liver, kidneys, and nervous system, causing serious consequences such as memory loss. In order to comply with various environmental protection regulations, spraying companies have no choice but to raise equipment and industrial safety costs, which in turn leads to higher and higher spraying costs.


Conventional plastic components require secondary processing and spraying to render a glossy finish

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Invention of “spray-free” technology makes plastic accessories both attractive and eco-friendly at the same time


Is it really true that we will have to give up using all kinds of plastic accessories for the environment and our health? –Don’t worry! Technology has come to our rescue: this new “spray-free” technology allows us to have the best of both—we are finally able to enjoy aesthetic beauty and have an eco-friendly living environment at the same time.


“Spray-free” refers to a one-time injection molding to final form process that eliminates the conventional spraying process, saving processing time and greatly reducing production costs. Not only can it be 100% recycled and reused, and protect the environment and the health of personnel, but it can also endow plastic parts with rich colors and hues, excellent glossy surfaces and exceptional weather resistance.



Application of high-gloss spray-free materials


High-gloss spray-free materials are widely used, and the main color is piano black. In the automotive field, they are often used in such components as PMMA/ASA, PC and ASA materials, like automotive air inlet and outlet grilles, bumpers, and A/B/C pillars.


In addition to auto parts, the application of high-gloss spray-free materials in the field of 3C home appliances is also very mature. At present, popular spray-free materials include ABS, PP, PC and ABS, such as the frames on LCD TVs, air conditioner and refrigerator peripherals, the outer casings of sweeping robots, and so on. Well-known home appliance companies such as Haier and Samsung have introduced spray-free home appliances in recent years, and it has allowed this technology to attract more and more attention.


High-gloss spray-free materials are mainly used in automobile and 3C home appliance fields

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Everlight Chemical has launched Eversorb® MP, a new functional masterbatch


Everlight Chemical has worked tirelessly for many years on the research and development of high value-added, low energy consumption and low pollution weathering additives. And we have developed a new functional masterbatch, the Eversorb® MP series, which goes further in meeting the various demands of plastic polymers. Of this series, Eversorb® MPM5C1 (high-gloss spray-free black masterbatch) contains a highly concentrated black dye. With just one injection, it achieves the appearance of conventional spraying and maintains a high gloss on the surface of plastic products. This can effectively save production time and costs and reduce pollution, which meets with today's demands for environmental protection. It is now widely used in ASA and ABS automotive interior and exterior parts, 3C home appliance plastic parts and other such fields.


In addition to being a high quality, energy-saving, environment-protecting product, Eversorb® MPM5C1 (high-gloss spray-free black masterbatch) also features following two innovative advantages:


1. In the infrared band, light transmittance can exceed 70%

2. L* of black surface can be lower than 24



Eversorb® MPM5C1 (high-gloss spray-free black masterbatch) brings a brand new experience of beauty, energy-saving and environmental protection to plastic materials! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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