Not Only “Tight Sealing” but “Secure”! – “Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” Eversorb® HP5

25 Sep, 2023

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Everlight Chemical brings out the “Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” for silane-modified sealants, which offers outstanding weatherability while being safer, non-toxic, and eco-friendly!

“Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” for silane-modified sealants-Eversorb® HP5



Hazard classification labeling can easily lead consumers to have doubts about product safety


Are you often concerned about the safety of the chemical ingredients contained in daily necessities? Have you ever noticed that the chemical consumer products you usually buy have “hazard classification labeling”? These labels are marked according to guidelines of the “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)”. Once a hazardous label or warning appears on a product, that means certain risks are implied, and this leads consumers to have doubts about product safety and affects their willingness to make purchases.



“Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” for silane-modified sealants-Eversorb® HP5


In order to reduce the harm caused by chemical products, developing “labelling free” products has become a goal pursued by manufacturers of chemical consumer goods. As far as consumers are concerned, “labelling free” means that the product can be used with greater peace of mind. For manufacturers, “labelling free” raw materials allow savings on raw material management and waste disposal costs, and it improves safety in the workplace. Additionally, the manufacturing and use of “labeling free” chemicals will directly reduce pollution and impact on the environment, achieving the goals of environmental friendliness and sustainable development.



HP sealants moving towards the goal of safety and non-toxicity by becoming “labeling free”



Of the various sealant products available, the most commonly used are hybrid polymer silane-modified sealants (HP sealants for short) because of their wide range of application as they can be used to seal and bond doors, windows, exterior walls, roofs, floors, pipes and various other parts of buildings. 



However, HP sealant resin has limited tolerance to ultraviolet rays. With long-term exposure to sunlight, they become prone to such problems as yellowing, stickiness, cracking and so on. Light stabilizing agents must be added to slow down this deterioration. However, the powdered light stabilizers generally used in the industry are relatively harmful, resulting in the need for sealant products to have hazard labels and warnings on their packaging. Because public awareness of environmental and health issues has been gaining ground in recent years, hazard labels on packaging directly affect consumers’ willingness to purchase and use such products. For this reason, various major manufacturers have been putting great efforts into developing safe and non-toxic “labeling free” HP sealants.




Eversorb® HP5 is safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, also able to effectively improve weatherability and maintain physical properties of sealants



Everlight Chemical has long worked with dedication to promote green chemistry and sustainable development, and has developed the “labeling free” light stabilizer Eversorb® HP5 especially for HP sealants. Compared with the powder light stabilizers in general use of the industry, Eversorb® HP5 poses an extremely low hazard to the environment, thus no need to put any hazard labels on SDS or product packaging. Adding it to sealant products will not increase their hazard level, and furthermore it is very friendly to personnel and the environment during all stages of production, storage, operation and disposal. Plus, Eversorb® HP5 is a liquid additive which features remarkable compatibility with HP liquid resins, and that can effectively reduce production energy consumption and achieve the goal of energy savings and carbon reduction.



“Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” for silane-modified sealants-Eversorb® HP5


In terms of improving weatherability, the low hazard risk of Eversorb® HP5 doesn’t compromise its effectiveness anyway. It is outstandingly effective at preventing white sealants from turning yellow after light exposure! As shown in the graph below, after 2,000 hours of the QUV Accelerated Aging Resistance Test, the sealant test sample added with no light stabilizer obviously turned yellow, while the test sample added with 2phr of Eversorb® HP5 still maintained a white appearance. It can be used to keep a building’s attractive appearance no longer affected by yellowing of the sealant.



“Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” for silane-modified sealants-Eversorb® HP5



As the physical strength of sealants is related to usage life and building safety, sealants are subject to even more stringent requirements for maintaining their physical properties while made to prevent color from yellowing. We continued to do the QUV Accelerated Aging Resistance Test and found that the sealant added with no light stabilizer had obvious cracked after 3,000 hours of exposure to light. By 5,000 hours, it completely peeled off, cracked and became unusable. In contrast, even after 5,000 hours of light exposure, the sealant added with 2phr of Eversorb® HP5 still kept its colloid surface intact. It can effectively maintain the physical properties of the sealant to secure the building’s safety and durability.



“Labelling Free Light Stabilizer” for silane-modified sealants-Eversorb® HP5



Eversorb® HP5 meets industry standards for HP sealant light stabilizers. It doesn't just prevent sealants from yellowing, but also maintains their physical strength. Most importantly, Eversorb® HP5 is among the few available light stabilizers specifically for “labelling free” HP sealants. Everlight Chemical takes “Better Chemistry, Better Life” as its mission, and will continue to do its part to protect the social environment! Should you have any questions relating to our products or to project cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us



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