Weatherability Total Solution for New Generation Floor Coating Resins—Light Stabilizers Specifically for Polyaspartics

20 Oct, 2022

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Everlight Chemical has brought out the light stabilizers specifically for use with polyaspartics, capable of greatly improving the yellowing problem of coatings while effectively retaining a high degree of gloss and maintaining a fine look.  





Traditional epoxy resins are prone to yellowing


Epoxy resin has long been widely used in our daily lives for having such advantages as high transparency, a high degree of hardness, and excellent wear resistance, as well as being quick-drying, low in price and easily available. The most common products are fast-drying strong adhesives (commonly known as AB glue) and indoor floor coatings, which find wide application at locations such as department stores, office buildings, parking lots, sports venues, and so on.


When used as colored floor coatings, epoxy coatings are usually added with green or gray pigments. They are rarely produced as transparent products or used outdoors for the reason that the epoxy resin itself has extremely poor light-resistance. After exposure to sunlight, it becomes easily prone to discoloring, yellowing, and other deterioration phenomena, which of course affect its appearance. The epoxy swan ornament shown in the photo below witnesses obvious signs of yellowing after six months, even though placed indoors without direct exposure to sunlight.




New generation of floor coatings—“polyaspartics”


Over the past ten years, a new darling—the “polyaspartics”—has gradually emerged in the floor coating industry. Like epoxy resin, polyaspartic resin also has the characteristics of high transparency, a high degree of hardness, excellent wear resistance, and so on. In addition, it possesses the advantages of a high degree of solid quantity and a low volatile organic compound (VOC) value, as well as being fast drying and offering relatively good light-resistance. These superior physical properties set polyespartics apart from traditional floor coating materials such as epoxy resin and polyurethane resin.


Due to its high degree of solidity, the thickness of a single-layer polyespartic coating is much greater than that of epoxy or polyurethane resin. Plus the fast-drying qualities, it can significantly shorten work time. Its quality of low volatility also helps reduce the pungent odor during work process and follow-up application, thereby avoiding the effects on human health. For this reason, it is widely favored for indoor floor coating.


Also, polyaspartic coatings are featured with an excellent abrasion resistance, roughly five times higher than that of industrial-grade epoxy topcoats and up to 20 times higher than that of ordinary DIY epoxy topcoats. Such anti-scratch and wear-resistant properties can reduce the frequency of repeated repairs. That's the reason why polyaspartics is increasingly applied in outdoor industrial coatings or architectural coatings.



Eversorb® AS Series provides all-round polyaspartic protection


Though polyaspartics has seen a significant improvement in light resistance over epoxy resins, it still suffers from deterioration problems such as discoloration and gloss reduction if subjected to long-term outdoor use or exposure to UV light. To address this problem, Everlight Chemical has launched the Eversorb® AS Series of light stabilizers, specifical for the application of polyaspartic coatings. They can not only greatly improve the yellowing problem, but also effectively retain a glossy finish, maintain a fine appearance, and add to the value of coatings!


As shown in the graph of the Accelerated Aging Test below, after 3,500 hours of continuous irradiation, it can be clearly seen that there was obvious yellowing and powdering deterioration in the polyaspartics without light stabilizer added. In comparison, the polyaspartics with a resin solid content of 2% Eversorb® AS1 ​​or AS2 added both show remarkable weather resistance. Not only was the yellowing value reduced, but a gloss retention rate of over 70% was maintained.




“Technology is always derived from human nature.” More durable and environment-friendly new generation floor coating resins - polyaspartics - have greatly improved the quality of floor coatings and outdoor industrial coatings. And the Eversorb® AS Series of light stabilizers are capable of effectively protecting polyaspartic coatings, significantly prolonging their service life, reducing maintenance requirements, and adding to the value of the coatings subjected to long-term UV light irradiation! 


Everlight Chemical listens attentively to market demands and continues to develop products that are more sustainable and environment-friendly, and are able to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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