Pre-treatment Tips For Wood Finishing and Coatings

28 Sep, 2017

Author : Yung-Chi Yang, Yu-Shu Sung , Miles Hsieh, Yin-Ting Lai and Dr. Yao-Hsing Huang

The new technical article, 「The Pre-treatment Study of Varied Woods with High Performance Light Stabilizers」 is available on Chemical Today, Sep. 2017


Abstract on Chemical Today, Sep. 2017: Lignin, when exposed to the sunlight, can easily be degraded. To preserve the beauty of wood grain, UV absorber and light stabilizer containing waterborne clear coats are commonly applied to the surface for protection. However, the effectiveness of such application is limited. According to our studies, pre-treatment of varied wood surface prior to the application of clear top coat can effectively extend the protection of lignin from UV light degradation.


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