Seeing Clearly! A Novel Blue Light Absorber

26 Apr, 2019

Author : Sylvia Hung, Miles Hsieh, Ray Sung, Steven Lee and Dr. Y. H. Huang

New technical article, “Blue light absorbers help an optical clear adhesive block light transmittance.” is published on Adhesives and Sealants Magazine.


Digital personal devices such as smartphones and tablets have become necessities in modern life. However, in some studies, the high energy blue light emitted from these devices is considered as a cause of macular degradation and makes blue light blocker a hot issue.


Therefore, a series of novel blue light absorbers are developed by Everlight Chemical. Compare to the traditional yellow solvent dye, the blue light absorbers can block harmful high energy blue light but keep high visible light transmittance.


For more information, please see Adhesives and Sealants Magazine March 2019, or feel free to contact us and learn more about blue light absorbers.

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