Wow! Wounds Can Automatically Heal Soon. What Amazing Light Stabilizers for Self-healing Coatings!

22 Jun, 2022

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Everlight Chemical brings out the light stabilizer specifically for self-healing coatings, a product able to effectively improve the efficiency of recovery from scratches or abrasion while enhancing weather and heat resistance, greatly increasing the value of self-healing products! 




In movies, we have seen many characters possessed of “self-healing abilities” such as those in the Iron Man, The Terminator, and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Are such awesome and fantastic abilities possible in real life? What kind of technology could we use to realize this? If the articles we use in daily life were able to self-repair, their service lives could be significantly extended. For example, houses would be able to automatically repair their cracks after earthquakes, thus reducing the probability of collapse and preventing casualties. In medical science, artificial hearts or joints would be used for longer if implanted materials were able to self-repair tissue!



Smart material – “self-healing coating”


In fact, “self-healing” materials are no longer a dream! The concept of “self-repair” was proposed as early as in the 1960s, but it couldn’t be realized due to technological limitations until the 2010s when advancements in nanotechnology finally facilitated the development of this kind of smart material which simulates biological self-healing—the “self-healing coating”! When the coating layers become worn or scratched and not treated immediately, it would generally affect the performance of the coating itself, and the degree of physical defect will gradually spread along with the time, finally resulting in irreparable damage to the materials.


Such self-healing coatings do not need additional repair materials or other artificial treatment to make self-restoration, thus enhancing performance of the materials and their safety while reducing the need for maintenance. It’s both environmentally-friendly and energy-saving. This “preventive-type” of material repair method is especially suitable for the industries where it’s difficult to detect material damage or not easy to replace parts under the operating environment such as automotive plating, smartphones, aviation and aircraft...and other suchlike fields, hugely reducing the frequency of downtime spent on maintenance and improving work efficiency at the same time.




Self-healing coatings are easily affected by high temperatures or UV light


However, self-healing coatings are easily affected by climatic and external environmental factors such as high temperatures or exposure to ultraviolet light, resulting in deterioration problems such as discoloration and weakened repair capabilities. For this reason, Everlight Chemical has brought out the Eversorb® SH Series of light stabilizers specifically designed for self-healing coatings, not only to shorten the repair time needed by self-healing coatings to achieve restoration after scratch damage, but also to effectively improve weather and heat resistance, preventing the decline in recovery capabilities, discoloration and other problems caused by high temperatures or other weather factors, thereby greatly extending the life of self-healing coatings.  



Eversorb® SH Series effectively improves weather resistance of self-healing coatings


As shown in the table below, the resin added with 2% Eversorb® SH1 was able to quickly repair abrasion within 30 seconds in this test on recovery time for initial abrasion.



Next, we carried out the color difference test. As shown in the table below, the resin added with 2% Eversorb® SH1 saw a color difference of 1.4 in this artificial QUV test, significantly better than the blank group and the UVA product group.



Finally, we carried out the test on weathering and abrasion recovery time. From the table below, it can be found that the resin added with 2% of Eversorb® SH1 recovered up to 87% of gloss after abrasion in just 3 minutes, and the recovery rate is extremely high.



Smart materials with self-healing capabilities will lead a revolution in material technology in the future, creating a safer and more comfortable quality of life for human beings. The Eversorb® SH Series of light stabilizers can effectively shorten the recovery efficiency of products from scratches and abrasions, improve weather and heat resistance, as well as effectively extend service life and reduce maintenance requirements, thereby significantly raising the value of self-healing products and giving them a competitive advantage! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.




(The resin used in the above-mentioned tests was 2KPU self-healing coating, and the abrasion resistance tester was the Abrasion Tester A20-339. The testing method was to entail rubbing steel wool back and forth 10 times while applying a pressure of 700g, and then observe the recovery of the coating from this abrasion)



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