Everlight Chemical Receives Product Innovation Award 2018 from TCIA

10 Aug, 2018

Author : Yung-Chi Yang, Ming-Hua Lai, Yu-Shu Sung, Yin-Ting Lai and Dr. Yao-Hsing Huang

Everlight Chemical, one of the leading pioneers in specialty chemicals, is the proud recipient of Product Innovation Award 2018 from TCIA (Taiwan Chemical Industry Association).



The Award, scheduled to be presented at Taiwan Chemical Industry Forum on September 18, 2018, recognizes the increase in sustainability benefits and production efficiency for waterborne UV curable coatings by the use of Everlight Chemical’s novel light stabilizers, Eversorb® AQ series.




Eversorb AQ is a series of innovative light stabilizers to protect waterborne coatings against harmful UV light and to improve durability, maintaining the colors and gloss as good as new after long-term exposure to light.


Moreover, It provides the benefits of ease of dispersion in waterborne resins, little negative impact on the curing speed, improving cost efficiency, quality and performance.


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