The Effect of UV Absorbers on the Curing of Waterborne UV-curable Coatings

1 May, 2015

Author : Yang Yung-Chi, Sung Yu-Shu, Chiou Shian-Fang, Chien Chih-Hsien , Huang Yao-Hsing

New technical article, 「The Effect of Light Stabilizers on the Curing of Waterborne UV-curable Coatings」, is published in China Coatings 2015.05 Vol.30 No.05 issued in May. 2015.

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Everlight Chemical offers a blend of UV absorber and HALS specifically for waterborne UV curable coats. This paper is a comparison study of affecting curing energy with waterborne UVA, waterborne HALS, EVERSORB product A and dry film thickness in waterborne UV-curable resin. Test results indicated that EVERSORB product A in a waterborne clear UV curable coating would not have negative impacts on curing speed.


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