The Study of Light Stabilizers for Pigmented Coatings

1 May, 2014

Author : Yang Yong-Chi, Lai Min-Hua, Lai Yin-Tin, Lu Chung-Han, Chiou Shian-Fang, Chein Chi-Hsien and Dr. Huang Yao-Hsing

Specialty Chemical Business Unit, Everlight Chemical Industrial (Taiwan)

Abstract: Refinish coatings are used when repairs are needed on a vehicle from collision and accidents. When the repari job is finished, it is important for the clear coat to have a high level of durability to sustain and maintain the work of the repair. It has to be very durable because it is exposed to extremes of the outdoor environment. It is accomplished by using a combination of UV absorbers and light stabilizers. The durability of pigmented coatings is very important in overall performance of the coatings. This paper is studies of light stabilizers in pigmented coatings. Design of Experiment (DOE) was used in this study. Eversorb 80 is UV absorber and Eversorb 93 is HALS that was investigated in this model. This result confirmed that by using a combination of UV absorbers and light stabilizers can get good performance. The results also confirmed by increasing the concentration of Eversorb 93 is higher than Eversorb 80 can effectively protect from UV light degradation The performance of reducing color changed and glossy retention are good.

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