The Study Of Weatherability to Thin Layer Adhesives Enhanced by UV Absorber

24 May, 2014

Author : Miles Hsieh, M.L.Wang, Y.S.Hwang, Johnson Chen, M.H.Yan

The new technical article, 「New High-performance UV Absorber for Silyl-modified Polyether Sealant」, is published in Industrial Materials issued in June. 2014.

Transparency, adhesion, anti-yellowing are crucial performance for optical clear adhesives that stands for its job, and nevertheless, this adhesive is often found to equipped with UV resistance capability to reduce UV penetrations and to protect human, substrate or sensitive electronic components from UV ray damages. Industrial solution which commonly introduced UV Absorbers to the adhesive system; however, the drawback is resulted in a higher alpha color and compensates with a limited weathering performance. In this article, we will be discussing how to base on statistical analysis tools to choose Eversorb® UV Absorber and HALS to help you develop a light stabilizer package to improve your product weatherability performance. As the result of this experiment, it shows with a 3.3% light stabilizer concentration in a 6 μm optical clear adhesive and through 1,000 hrs accelerated aging test with QUV-313 nm light exposure, the introduction of both Eversorb® 109 (UV Absorber) and Eversorb®95 (HALS) in the system shows an effective result in UV resistance and minimizing yellowing problems.


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