Novel Light Stabilizer for Waterborne UV-curable Coatings

20 Sep, 2019

Author : Yung-Chi Yang, Pei-Yun Lee, Miles Hsieh, Yin-Ting Lai, Chung-Han Lu, Dr. Yao-Hsing Huang

The new technical article, "The effect of novel light stabilizers enhance UV filtering in waterborne UV-curable coatings” is published on PPCJ March 2019

Latest Trend for Coating: Waterborne UV-curable Coatings

With many advantages as low VOCs, non-toxic, odorless and fast curing speed, waterborne UV-curable coatings are one of the growing environmental-friendly technics. It could be used in many applications, including floor, woodenware, and furniture. However, under long-term UV exposure, the UV-curable coatings would suffer from degradation such as yellowing and loss of gloss. Also, the UV-curing process requires photo-initiators for crosslinking, but the residual photo-initiators would also result in coating defects like discoloration and yellowing. Hence UV Absorbers and light stabilizers are required to protect the coating layers.

Enhance Weatherability and Remain Fast Curing Speed for Waterborne UV-curable Coatings

Traditional UV Absorbers are usually solvent-borne and are not compatible with the waterborne system. Furthermore, conventional UV Absorbers would compete with the photo-initiator for UV energy, which then leads to incomplete curing or longer curing time. 


To solve the problems of compatibility and the controversial curing speed interference, Everlight Chemical evaluates different blends of light stabilizers and finally developed the best solutions. The study results show that our novel light stabilizer blend is 100% compatible with the tested waterborne resin. Meanwhile, it could enhance the weatherability of the tested clear waterborne UV-curable coating, and at the same time, without compromise the curing speed.


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