Eversorb® AQ1 — Light Stabilizer for Colored Aqueous Solutions

13 Sep, 2023

Author : Specialty Chemical Business Unit

Everlight Chemical's Eversorb® AQ1 light stabilizer—the best way to maintain the transparency of colored aqueous solutions and increase their weatherability!

Light Stabilizer for Colored Aqueous Solutions Eversorb® AQ1



Colored aqueous solutions are prone to fade after long-term storage or exposure to light, which results in sluggish sales and inventory pressure


There are various colored aqueous solutions for household or vehicle use on the market such as those for cleaning the floor, bathroom or kitchen as well as the laundry detergents and dish-washing detergents which are all commonly found in supermarkets or hypermarkets, in addition to the aromatic agents, car windshield cleaners and others sold at gas stations or auto-detailing merchandise stores.


These products are usually packaged as transparent bottles filled with aqueous solutions of various colors such as yellow, blue, and green. Such bright colors are commonly seen on these products because they can easily bring fresh, neat and clean imagery to mind and thus attract consumers’ attention. However, these aqueous solution products contain bright dyes and are prone to fading if they, placed on store shelves or in gas station sales areas, have been exposed to indoor lighting or outdoor sunlight for a long time.


Especially when products are replenished in stores, consumers are inclined to choose new products as the old ones no longer look as bright and attractive as before even though they may still be within their relevant shelf lives, leading to poorer sales of the products with earlier expiration dates. For this reason, liquid detergent manufacturers put forward demands to Everlight Chemical for solving the problem of sluggish sales and inventory buildup of the old colored aqueous products still exposed to indoor light or sunlight.



Light Stabilizer for Colored Aqueous Solutions Eversorb® AQ1


Weatherability expert Everlight Chemical solves fading problems of colored aqueous solutions


Everlight Chemical is profoundly aware of the fading problem that has deeply troubled colored aqueous solution manufacturers. Based on its nearly 30 years of experience in UV absorbers, Everlight Chemical applied the DOE experiment design method to select the optimal proportion for the light stabilizer Eversorb® AQ1 and has recommended it to customers. Its most outstanding feature is that it can reach a “clear and transparent” state in water without affecting the transparency of aqueous solutions. That significantly expands the scope of application for light stabilizers in polymer resins, a major pioneering breakthrough in the industry!



Eversorb® AQ1 effectively improves weatherability of aqueous solutions without affecting their transparency


As shown in the graph below, we first used a marketed light stabilizer and the Eversorb® AQ1 to make 10% aqueous solutions separately. From the photos, it can be clearly seen that the aqueous solution added with the marketed light stabilizer on the left turned into a turbid and milky white liquid, while the solution added with Eversorb® AQ1 on the right remained transparent and clear! This property of making no influence on the transparency of aqueous solutions makes Eversorb® AQ1 suitable for an even more diverse range of waterborne resin products.


We then carried out tests with an actual product: 0.3% of Eversorb® AQ1 and other two brands of light stabilizers, Product 1 and Product 2, were added to customer-provided transparent blue detergent samples respectively. It can be clearly seen from the photos that the addition of Product 1 and Product 2 light stabilizers caused the detergent samples to be in a turbid, opaque milky white color. This would seriously affect the appearance of such product and greatly reduce consumers’ desire to buy it. Comparatively, the transparency of the sample added with Eversorb® AQ1 on the left remained unchanged, still maintaining its original clear and translucent state.



Light Stabilizer for Colored Aqueous Solutions Eversorb® AQ1


In addition, Eversorb® AQ1 not only leaves the transparency of aqueous solutions unaffected, but also effectively improves their weatherability, perfectly solving the fading problem of aqueous solutions after exposure to light.


We then carried out an accelerated weathering test (ASTM G154-2). After 50 hours of exposure, it’s obvious that the detergent without light stabilizer added has faded severely and was far from its original blue color. However, the detergent added with Eversorb® AQ1 remained the same vivid blue color as it was before the weathering test!  Eversorb® AQ1 allows waterborne cleaning and washing products to maintain their color and appearance even if they are exposed to light for a long time, extending the product's marketable time and reducing the pressure of sluggish sales. 



Light Stabilizer for Colored Aqueous Solutions Eversorb® AQ1




Everlight Chemical has developed the best solution to maintain transparency of colored aqueous solutions and improve their weatherability—Eversorb® AQ1 light stabilizer helps customers solve the problem of discoloration in aqueous solutions. Their products are successfully distributed to sales outlets, maintaining good-looking appearance to boost sales. It’s Everlight Chemical’s mission to bring high-quality chemicals and services to our customers and create value together. We will continue to provide customers with maximum support, and move towards success together with you! Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us



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