AQ – Waterborne Series

AQ – Waterborne Series

【Eversorb® AQ Series Won 2024 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award!】

Eversorb® AQ Series is a liquid type of high performance UV stabilizer blends for wide varieties of clear and pigmented waterborne coatings. It protects water based coatings from yellowing, gloss loss and discoloration caused by UV light. With the benefits of 100% compatibility with water-soluble resins, easily dispersed and costly effective for time-savings preparation, it is particularly recommended for industrial coatings, automotive, wood, plastics coatings and decorative coatings.

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Applicable Resins

Eversorb AQ Series

  • Improving Gloss & Color Retention
  • Easily Dispersed
  • Low VOC
  • High Effectiveness
  • Water-based Resins